What conditions need to be in place for teams to excel and why?
July 4, 2019
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July 4, 2019

Access to team productivity

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Access to team productivity
Every organization has several kinds of teams. Teams now have become the key component that improves the productivity of an organization, improvement in the quality of work, customer satisfaction and work experience for the employees. To tap the complete potential of teamwork so that the farm’s productivity is maximized several steps could be taken by the managers and the governing bodies of an enterprise. First of all, there should be a process to set goals, small and attainable and a system to track progress and performance. The employees showing consistent performance should be rewarded. Second, all the members of the teams should be assigned roles, tasks, and responsibilities individually. Their priorities should be explained as well. Third, creating an environment of trust will benefit the team as well as the company. The practice of Giving and receiving feedback will help in building trust. Forth, reorganizing office space to create an inviting place will make the teams productive (Thompson & Thompson, 2008). Shared work tables rather than cubicles increase teamwork. Sixth, the most important way to access teamwork is to establish effective and easy communication among the team members. It is also necessary that they have enough communication with the managers. Creating groups can be an effective way to do so. Lastly, a team may be involved in many tasks simultaneously, and it is necessary that all of them are brought together in an organized manner to avoid confusion. Other than these there could be any number of means that may lead to team productivity, and all of them are effective in their way. The measures solely depend on the type of team it is being applied to.
Conditions need to be in place for teams to excel
There are some conditions that lead to excellence in a teams performance. The factors that will facilitate the teams to excel are:
Knowledge and skill: for any team to perform best it is necessary that the team members are matched in their ability and skill. A team should comprise of members having different but complementary skills so that all the aspects of a job is fulfilled. A team consisting of members with technical knowledge would not be as effective as a team that has members with technical, problem-solving, decision making and interpersonal skills.
Motivation: it is not enough for a team to be only diversely skilled. For the skill and knowledge to be effective, the manager must motivate the team in the right direction. Motivations in the way of rewards and benefits, pep talk, etc. are effective. Hostile office environment, poor work culture will reduce the team’s performance even if the team is strongly built (Gallegher et al., 2014).
Coordination among team members: skill and motivation alone cannot build a high-performance team. Coordination among the team members is necessary for that. Coordinating the skills of the team members, job allotted to each member, efforts, and the actions of the team are important because even if the team members are individually skilled in their job, until and unless they coordinate their work the optimum result cannot be achieved.
Ways to design teamwork so that threats to performance is minimized.
Designing a high-performance team is one of the most challenging jobs that the managers may have to do. An effective team is not only complementary to each other’s skills and efforts, but they are also adaptable to new additions to the team. To minimize threats to team performance, some rudimentary steps could be taken.

Establishment of an easy communication among the team members and the managers is suggested. Good communication and exchange of information is necessary for good teamwork and to ensure that the team bonding is strong.
Building trust among the team members and creating a welcoming atmosphere where employees are challenged to perform better but not threatened is necessary. Job security is an important aspect for any individual to perform better. Thus, ensuring that will build the confidence and satisfaction of the members of the team.
Recognising the potential of the team members is also suggested. This way, work can be assigned according to each member’s potential and skill. This makes them feel valuable to the organization and will be more interested in taking part in teamwork (Chuang et al., 2016).

Ways to reward teamwork as a manager
As a manager, it is necessary to motivate the team to achieve its full potential. An efficient team has high performance, and an organization relies on it to a great extent. It is essential that high-performance teams are rewarded so that they have job satisfaction and motivation. To reward a team:

The manager may organize a team appraisal where all the members of the team are duly congratulated and appraised. It will build their confidence, and other teams will strive to do better.
The team can be presented with a special honorary lunch or dinner party completely funded by the company or the manager.
After a successful long-term project, a small vacation may be arranged which will make them rejuvenated both in mind and body.
Physical rewards like coupons, vouchers and gifts are also s

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