How do you maintain personal safety and client safety in the case of decompensation? What are the goals for this client?
July 9, 2019
Identify the role of the BSN nurse in the quality improvement process as a member of the collaborative interprofessional team.
July 9, 2019

Demonstrate that you understand the implications of current legislation and how they are incorporated into your nursing interventions.

HLTENN008: Nursing – Legal and Ethical Parameters to Nursing – Case Study Assignment Help



Mr Joseph Weber is a 58 year-old gentleman who migrated from Luxembourg to Australia 25 years ago. He recently retired from his job after being diagnosed with Stage IV mesothelioma that has spread to his hips, spinal column and brain. He has been admitted to the health facility where you work. Mr Weber lives with Hepatitis B, he is at the end stages of cancer. He has been admitted for palliative care, to be kept comfortable with medication and nursing care. Mr Weber is non-verbal in his communication and occasionally swings out during routine nursing interventions. He has hit nursing staff in the past. Some of your nursing colleagues have suggested his hands be restrained to prevent him from hitting the staff.

Mr Weber is physically frail, has muscle wasting and bony prominences. The skin over his hip and scapula region became reddened and then began to break down from the pressure of his body against the linen and mattress.

Mr Weber care plan directs staff to turn Mr Weber every 2 hours. However, because he cries out from so much pain, nursing staff are wondering if they are really helping him with routine nursing interventions. Mr Webber’s sister complains to you about her brothers care and believes that the palliative care unit is not delivering care that meets his needs after he was given an overdose of medications.

Mr Weber’s has been ordered opioid medication. The doctor discusses the end of life care with subcutaneous morphine medication with the family. Mr Weber’s large extended family are divided on what to do about the doctor’s advice. They tell you that they are worried that the medication hasten his death but they do not want their father to be uncomfortable and in pain.

Mr Weber’s son, Zac and daughter, Joanne share enduring power of Attorney of health and financial matters. Mr Weber has refused all treatment and has a current “not for resuscitation” order.

Task Instruction:

Identify and describe a minimum of three key ethical issues within the case study.

Discuss how you will ensure that all your interactions with the client/family reflect ethical concepts briefly explain Nursing ethics.

How would you plan and implement two nursing interventions for each key ethical issue.

Within the strategies, ensure that you demonstrate that you are abiding within legal and regulatory guidelines for EN (Div 2) practice.

Demonstrate that you understand the implications of current legislation and how they are incorporated into your nursing interventions.

To ensure the clients rights, interests and decisions are supported, identify and relate consumer rights and responsibilities to the three ethical issues identified.

To encourage the client’s rights to make an informed decision regarding their care, outline the major ethical principles and relate them to the three key issues in the case study.

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