Discuss advantages of using true-false test items.
July 24, 2019
Discuss two strategies that should be implemented to keep healthcare and community agencies informed about the new curriculum development.
July 24, 2019

Describe how the learning activity meets the learning objective you selected in part G1.

  Write one multiple-choice item for one of the learning objectives you created in part A2.

1.  Describe key considerations involved with item stem construction.

2.  Describe key considerations involved with developing response options.

3.  Discuss how posttest reviews may benefit students.

F.  Identify cultural and societal factors that may impact students’ learning in the classroom.

1.  Describe how a student’s cultural and personal background could impact learning in the classroom.

G.  Discuss how to facilitate learning through learning objectives and related activities.

1.  Develop one learning activity to assist learners in meeting one of the learning objectives you created in part A2.

a.  Describe how the learning activity meets the learning objective you selected in part G1.

2.  Explain how the learning activity meets one of the following learning styles of the students in the course:

•  visual

•  auditory

•  kinesthetic

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H.  Discuss the importance of creating a learning activity that promotes critical thinking skills.

1.  Identify one of the following critical thinking strategies that you believe will best facilitate the development of self-reflection skills:

•   case study

•   collaborative learning

•   debate

•   concept mapping

•   simulation

2.  Describe how you would implement the selected strategy from part H1 in the classroom to best facilitate the development of self-reflection skills.

I.  Provide one example of a best practice for providing feedback to students in the clinical setting.

J.  When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.


The role of the nurse educator requires specialized knowledge and skills. Essential competencies include being able to develop relevant curricula for the preparation of future nurses as well as participate in program evaluation activities. Implementation of a nursing education curriculum can be influenced by community stakeholders, available technology, the needs of diverse learners, cultural and societal factors, and interdisciplinary partnerships. This performance assessment addresses strategies for implementing and evaluating a nursing education curriculum.


You are a faculty member on the nursing curriculum committee tasked with transitioning the current associate degree program to a four-year baccalaureate nursing program. The committee has completed the work of designing the new curriculum and it will be fully implemented in approximately eight months.

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