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July 10, 2019
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July 10, 2019

Describe the history and development of nursing as a regulated health profession.

Nursing Assignment : Discussion on Nursing as a Profession

Assignment :

1. Describe the history and development of nursing as a regulated health profession. 
2. Explain personal values and attributes that complement professional identity formation. 
3. Examine the various levels of health across Australian society and state and federal responsibilities. 
4. Examine the roles of the Registered Nurse within professional, legal, and ethical frameworks governing nursing. 
5. Explain factors that promote accountability for professional development, decision-making, leadership, actions and behaviours.

After successfully completing this assignment will be :

1. Explore the role of registered nurses in contemporary Australia through the analysis of a nurse’s reflection on her role. 
2. Identify professional aspects of the registered nurse’s role. 
3. Discuss the concept of a professional identity and the support for this concept from published resources. 
4. Demonstrate professional written communication in the format of an Academic assignment.

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