Autonomy and Informed Consent
July 24, 2019
Discuss advantages of using true-false test items.
July 24, 2019


The role of the nurse educator requires specialized knowledge and skills. One of the essential competencies necessary for the role is the ability to develop relevant curricula for the preparation of future nurses. It is therefore important that nurse educators comprehend and stay well-informed of trends and issues which may impact nursing education.

This task is intended to facilitate your ability to develop competency statements and related learning objectives; select relevant learning assessment and evaluation tools; create learning activities that promote critical thinking and reflective skills; and actively engage and support students with diverse learning needs. As an educator, you are also required to demonstrate effective analytical skills in the evaluation of methods used to determine the achievement of program outcomes. In addition, in this task you write an element of an exam. This will help you comprehend different item types and the process involved when you develop items for course exams. These learning activities assist in building an educational foundation between the classroom setting and the clinical setting.

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