Determine what type of statistical inference should be used to answer each of the questions below.
July 10, 2019
Identify and briefly discuss discharge planning for patient
July 10, 2019

Discuss the impact of nursing theory to your current practice

iscussion #2

a) Discuss the impact of nursing theory to your current practice
b) Based on your assigned readings, select one nursing theory that interests you, discuss how that theory can help you in your current clinical practice. Why is it relevant? How can you introduce that theory to your co-workers who are not familiar with nursing theory and show them that it is useful for their practice also?
1. Students are required to respond significantly to all discussion questions. Student responses to discussion questions must be substantive, that is, thoughtful and analytical. The student will be expected to follow APA guidelines for online submissions. Initial responses to discussion will require a minimum of TWO citations while subsequent responseswill require a minimum of ONE citation. All responses should include a reference list at the end of the discussion. The student is held to academic standards of writing style and the use of proper grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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