Strategies and nursing interventions that can be used with people with dementia
July 8, 2019
Cultural Diversity in Nursing
July 8, 2019

essay Indicator of Business assessment on Nursing home

I will pay for the following essay Indicator of Business assessment on Nursing home. The essay is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Thus, the role of nursing homes becomes one of the top most importance in today’s life of the society.The elderly care industry can be split into two categories – nursing homes and residential care homes. Nursing homes are fundamentally private hospitals for elderly residents calling for high levels of care,staffed by managers and nurses with sophisticated levels of medical and care training. Residential care homes, on the other hand, are old people’s homes. They provide a place to stay for elderly people who conceivably cannot do everything for themselves, yet nevertheless enjoy a degree of independence and require little hands-on care. They are staffed by qualified care takers whose level of training need not be as advanced as those working in nursing homes.Nursing homes as a business or an investment is a field which looks healthy in spite of the economic catastrophe. There are a number of reseat developments for this friendly environment for the investors. Though the extra legislation introduced through the Care Standards Act has made it binding for the potential purchasers to prepare and make a lot of commitment financially and personally on staffing and maintenance of the nursing home, any body now planning to go into this business is assured of study income and thriving business. Running a nursing home can be a rewarding business, as the returns one get from the care homes would be very significant. The majority of nursing facility services is funded by the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Nursing homes with private care patients generally provide higher quality care than facilities dependent on Medicaid patients. National Senior Citizens Law Center states that nursing homes discriminate against Medicaid patients versus private pay. The difference may be a special wing of a home, eviction of Medicaid patients and inferior food and services. One expert noted that nine out of ten attorneys give bad advice on qualifying for Medicaid. Approximately 63% of nursing-home patients of cognitively impaired. Nursing homes provide long term and sub-acute care to persons in need of 24-hour nursing services or significant supportive services. The quality of care and quality of life for residents of nursing homes have been a concern for decades. Nursing home residents are generally frail, physically and psychosocially compromised, heavily dependent upon others for basic care and sustenance, and in some cases near the end of their lives. When residents live in an environment where they are totally dependent on others, they are especially vulnerable to abuse, neglect and exploitation. Nursing home licensees must protect these vulnerable persons and are expected to provide the necessary care and services to allow each resident to achieve and maintain his or her highest possible level of function and well being.Financial status, in fact, causes inequalities in the quality of care received by an elderly person. It mainly may not be with in the same nursing home. African Americans are four times more likely than their white counterparts to reside in substandard nursing homes. But obviously if one has got money the service he gets is simply remarkable. The Silverado is an example to it. Silverado specializes in residents with severe dementia. Most assisted-living homes quarantine such patients in separate wards or ship them off to nursing homes when their

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