Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing Week 3 Quiz ( Chapters 33-40)
July 23, 2019
nursing theory response to one peer with 100 worlds
July 23, 2019

Evidence-Based Practice: Qualitative and Quantitative research report.

Nursing –

See attached (2) peer-reviewed articles about research studies. One article is a qualitative research study; the other is  a quantitative article.

Write a 500+ word APA Format report with the following requirements. (Must read the articles).

1.  A description of why each research study article is categorized as quantitative or qualitative 

2.  Explain why each article is important in nursing.

Articles are attached, must use APA Format and must be 500+ words.

Good morning, Are you able to complete the assignment below due on Thursday 01/28/2016?


NSG 5522 Family Nursing: Theory, Research, and Practice

Genogram/Ecomap Assignment

Purpose: Genograms provide a quick and useful context in which to evaluate an individual’s health risks. Eco-maps are important because, when fully completed, they serve as a tool to highlight different the relationships and human resources in the person’s life. These resources and the information about each relationship then serve as a starting point when addressing the featured person’s needs.

Course Objective: Compare and contrast a variety of theoretical frameworks to understanding dynamics within families.


  • Choose a family (for this assignment this can be your own family)
  • Refer to the Boxs and Figures in your text in developing a family genogram and eco map.
  • Use the symbols posted in the Figure in your text
  • Include birth/death dates, relationships, and health problems/risks
  • Complete an in depth analysis of the information gained in the genogram and eco map.
    • In writing up your analysis use high quality/scholarly writing skills.
    • Use references more than 2 references less than 5 years and peer review
    • Due date 01/26/2017
    • 5-6 pages in APA formatFigures from my text book below:Book reference:Kaakinen, J.R., Gedaly-Duff,V. Coehlo, D.P., & Hanson, S.M.H. (2015). Family health care nursing: Theory, practice and research (5th ed.). Philadelphia: FA Davis.NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITYCOLLEGE OF NURSING NSG 5522 Family Nursing: Theory, Research, and PracticeGenogram/Ecomap RubricThis assignment is due according to the date posted on the Assignments and Activities Schedule.
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