Education: College of Nursing A
July 9, 2019
Describe an experience in your clinical practice in which you used nursing clinical judgment based on the holistic model
July 9, 2019

Evidence supporting the issue

Create an E-Poster on what you see as the future of nursing practice and the role of nursing in the emerging health-care environment. You need to predict the future based on present evidence.

The E-Poster needs to include the following:

1. Introduction

2. Statement of the issue

3. Evidence supporting the issue

4. Prediction of the future role of the nurse

5. Conclusion

6. References: minimum of three references from peer-reviewed nursing journals (encourage the use of international journals). Articles need to be within the last 3 years unless historical. Does herbal tea help nursing-home residents? A group of college students believes that herbal tea has remarkable powers. To test this belief, they make weekly visits to a local nursing home, where they visit with the residents and serve them herbal tea. The nursing-home staff reports that after several months many of the residents are healthier and more cheerful. We should commend the students for their good deeds but doubt that herbal tea helped the residents. Identify the explanatory and response variables in this informal study. Then explain what lurking variables account for the observed association.

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