Write a paper about the current state of healthcare related to your topic.
July 9, 2019
Personal Philosophy Paper
July 9, 2019

evolution of spirituality in the nursing literature.

Case Study: (25%)
a. Read the following articles:
i. Blasdell, N. D. (2015). The evolution of spirituality in the nursing literature. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 8(3), 756-764.
ii. Canfield, C., Taylor, D., Nagy, K., Strauser, C., VanKerkhove, K., Wills, S., Sawicki, P., & Sorrell, J. (2016). Critical care nurses’ perceived need for guidance in addressing spirituality in critically ill patients. American Journal of Critical Care, 25(3), 206-211.
iii. Swift, C., Calcutawalla, S., & Elliot, R. (2007). Nursing attitudes towards recording of religious and spiritual data. British Journal of Nursing, 16(2), 1279-1282.
iiii. Tiew, L. H., & Creedy, D. K. (2010). Integration of spirituality in nursing practice: A literature review. Singapore Nursing Journal, 37(1), 15-22.
b. Re-read chapter 8 in “Called to care: A Christian worldview for nursing”, pondering on the Case Study on page 166-168.
c. Answer Question 3 on page 165.
d. Reflecting on the information read in both the above readings, write a case study related to a patient working through a crisis situation.
e. Google “Creating a case study” for resources to assist with assignment.
f. Develop three questions you would use to present this case study to an audience.
g. This is not an APA assignment although I will be looking for organization of your thoughts and the content of the case study.
h. The due date for this assignment is December 7, 2018.

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