Consider, analyze, and explain why general education courses should be a significant part of every student’s education.
July 10, 2019
Describe what you have learned from at least two specific courses (e.g., philosophy, history, or psychology) that illustrated usefulness in your daily life. For instance, what did you learn in history classes beyond just names, dates, and places?
July 10, 2019

Give an example of a discrete random variable of interest to a hospital nurse.

Nursing processes as well as research process are broken into different stages which are similar at some point and are different also in some aspects. In broader sense both nursing and research process are used to solve the issues. In most of the cases, patient care issues as well as research issues (it may be related to the community, family or may be the patient is an individual) are looked as a “complicated puzzle” in which there are some pieces are easily available and some are needed to find out. Both (nursing process and research process) are originally addressed through assembling statistics, information, knowledge and data. In “nursing process” this process is known as assessment whereas in research process it is called as explaining as well as refining the information problem or gap. In next steps also, the research process and nursing process also originally appear same, whereas both of the processes are different in some ways. However, in the 2nd step of the “nursing process” is planning and in the research process the 2nd step is enhancing a detailed strategy. Both of the processes (nursing and research) are different as they have basically dissimilar functions/ reasons. The function of the “nursing process” is to offer knowledgeable, scientifically founded nursing care for authentic health issues. The function of the “research process” is to validate or develop information/ knowledge. The aim of the “nursing process” is act to encourage the recognized result of enhanced…

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