Nursing Care Plan and nursing report.
July 30, 2019
July 30, 2019

Guideline for Philosophy of Nursing Statement/Essay

Guideline for Philosophy of Nursing Statement/Essay

Please uploadyour original, typed, doubled
spaced Nursing Philosophy Essay ( 3,000 words). You may use APA or a
general format , specifically addressing:

Your beliefs/philosophy of nursing

Why you are interested in pursuing a master’s
degree in the specific concentration you have


What you expect the achievement of the degree to
provide for you and for nursing.

Action Plan contents:

1. Identify the Objectives.
2. Plan and lay down the Success Criteria.
3. Prepare an Action List and steps to fulfill the Objectives to meet those Success Criteria.

Please prepare an Action plan for me:

an Action Plan with title “Quality and Safety in Operating Theatre (in a Hong Kong Hospital) ” from a Nursing Officier stand point !!

with not more than 4 no. A4-size pages, at font size 14.

I would need it within 30 hours. Please give me your best price.

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