Estimating the Costs of Nursing Care
July 9, 2019
Integrate a minimum of 1 Scripture application to the topic of diabetes prevention and treatment as relevant.
July 9, 2019

How does the public see the nursing profession and nurses?

9-10 slides answering the follow questions:
1.How does the public see the nursing profession and nurses?
2. What does the “Silence of Nursing” mean?
3. How can nurses advance the public understanding of health and healthcare issues?
4. How would you answer the following question: “Why did you become a nurse when someone as obviously intelligent as you could have been a doctor?
5. How is the media reporting on healthcare issues, nursing care and nurses? Give examples. How do you see this process improving?
6. How would you go about improving the staffing ratio of nurses to patients in your facility? If you do not work in a facility with a staffing ratio issue, how would you visualize this improvement?
7. Will you think differently about the current issues in nursing as a result of reading this book and why?
8. The authors note that nurses represent the largest number of healthcare professionals, yet according to one study nursing only accounts for “1.1percent of the quotations in healthcare coverage” by the news media. What do you think you could do personally to improve this statistics ? How will you go about doing this?
9. Search the NSC Library for two (2) research articles discussing “nurses in the media”. Give a synopsis of each article and how the articles portray the nursing profession and or nurses. Include author(s), publication, and date.

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