Identify a historical change or event that had significant impact on the development of nursing theory.
July 9, 2019
write a 2-page article about the history of and trends in nursing and nursing education.
July 9, 2019

Information processing theory

NURS3002: Decision Making in Nursing Practice- Nursing Essay Writing Assignment


This assessment requires you to write a 3000 word academic essay focused on decision making in nursing practice in preparation for PEP. The key purpose of this essay is to discuss three theories/models of decision making used in nursing practice. Critically analyse these theories and explain which theory will be applied during PEP with a clear
rationale supporting this.

Please choose 3 of the following decision making theories for your assignment:
1. Information processing theory
2. Expected Utility theory
3. Social Judgement theory
4. Intuition
5. Cognitive continuum theory

The nursing theorist  name is  Martha Rogers. 

I need  an introduction and conclusion, I need  4 to 5 pages plus  a reference page. They paper should be in APA formats.  
Theory description: what is the purpose of the theory  ( describe and explain) ,  what are the major concepts.   
Theory evaluation :  is the theory congruent with current nursing standards,  is the theory supported by research  and does it appear to be accurate/valid,  is the theory socially relevant, is  the theory relevant cross-culturally,  does the theory contribute to the discipline of nursing,  what are implications for nursing practice. 

Each of them should discuss separately

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