Suggest a methodology to supplement the traditional methods for evaluating the capital investments of your selected company in the emerging markets to reduce risk.
July 10, 2019
In your personal and professional life, how might you actively apply religious and ethical teachings from religious and nonreligious traditions on the treatment of others?
July 10, 2019

Nursing Philosophy and Goals

ex 225814341_Nursing Philosophy and Goals This is a WRITING INTENSIVE Bachelors class. Outline must be INCLUDED. Write a paper that reveals how your philosophy of nursing and your expertise are connected. My area of expertise is “Cardiac nursing”. Include at least 4 scholarly references. In total, this document should be 6 pages in length NOT including the outline, cover or reference page. Remember an outline MUST be included and this is a writing intensive class and it expected that the writing reflect such. 6 pages, 4 APA The Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) framework should be used thoroughly in terms of evaluating the performance of healthcare organizations and the skills that are needed by today’s nurses. Nurse leaders’ performances and their skill sets should also be evaluated by implementing the CAS framework in a thorough manner. It should be noted that the CAS framework is constituted of certain specific aspects, including the involvement of individual parts or agents. In such a system there is no particular leader or individual who would be coordinating the action of the others involved in the maintenance and implementation of the system. In the current healthcare context the implementation of CAS demands nursing practitioners and nursing leaders to develop interpersonal and communication skills in a thorough manner. Moreover, in respect of the growing rate of the ageing population and their health-related demands, nursing leaders, in the context of application of the CAS, must strive for improving their cultural diversity management skills and they must also look forward to develop those skills that are needed to provide a holistic are regime for the concerned population.

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