Critically analyse the nursing and/or collaborative interventions used to manage the patient’s clinical priority,
July 10, 2019
Examine culture of safety principles that improve patient outcomes based on current evidence
July 10, 2019


Instructions – • 3 pages • The oldest reference used should be no older than 5 years. • At least 2 references. • No title page.
1. NURSING THEORY APPLIED TO RESEARCH – Select any grand or middle-range nursing theory and apply a specific concept or tenet of the theory to nursing research. Consider how research could be used to test this theory or the element of the theory. Don’t get stuck in formal research methodology. Think about what would need to be done to ‘prove’ the theory is true.
2. THEORY GUIDING RESEARCH – Consider each of the following questions, and then provide evidence to support your position. • Could the absence of a theoretical/conceptual framework that guides a research study result in isolated research results? • Does the overreliance on nursing theory/conceptual frameworks adversely impact nursing research? • The discussions this week will expand our look into theory with the way theory may guide the framework of research studies. To consider these above questions, read the assigned chapters in the textbook first; then consider if any negative or adverse results may occur if a theoretical/conceptual framework is NOT used to guide a research study?  Make a list of these.  Then consider if the lack of a framework could result in “isolated” research studies (be sure to consider what is meant by “isolate” or “non-interrelated” or “non-connected” research studies.

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