Program Evaluation and Reflection Paper
November 30, 2020

Portfolio Workplace Assessment

Portfolio Workplace Assessment

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The option is to involve the whole client system much more directly in redefining the problem, naming a desired future, outlined alternative actions, and deciding how to proceed. Many consultants and support people have adopted the whole-system approach and redefined their role to be one of convening people to collectively develop a change strategy”. The concept of a whole-system discovery process and can be used in a workplace evaluation.

Please Google the concept of “Whole system discovery approach” for a better understanding.  In short, it means getting everyone’s views and opinions within an organization to better or fix a situation.

Evaluate your workplace or one that is familiar to you (PLEASE use a hospital or clinic as the workplace). Identify an organizational issue and complete a needs assessment of this workplace issue in terms of concepts learned throughout the BS/IOP (Bachelor of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology​) program. Apply strategies for performance improvement related to the following:


1.      Leadership style

2.      Organizational culture

3.      Mission, vision, and values alignment

4.      System of management

5.      Decision making

6.      Motivational techniques

7.      Employee morale

8.      Ethics

9.      Communication and feedback


You must support opinions and any facts by citing credible sources in the body of the assignment and listing the references including at least two scholarly references in APA style.

For this assignment please DO NOT write as an essay. Write it as a key point list, I will format this into a presentation style assignment. there are 9 key point. Please use approx. 100 words for each point.

For instance,

1.      Leadership style: “Define the point and how it links up or relates to the “concept of a whole-system discovery process” and or strategies for performance improvement. REMEMBER APPROX 100 WORDS PER KEY POINT.

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