Describe an experience in your clinical practice in which you used nursing clinical judgment based on the holistic model
July 9, 2019
What are some of the models and frameworks of EBP currently in use?
July 9, 2019

Socialization for the Nurse Returning to School

QuestionWEEK 3

Socialization for the Nurse Returning to School (graded)

As you enter your RN-BSN educational program, you are again going through a period of socialization or transformation. As you learn more about the roles of the BSN-prepared nurse, how can you use other nurses with BSNs and higher degrees to help you in your socialization or transformation? What factors are most important as you become socialized as a BSN student? What are your resources in this process? How can this process be most effective?

Philosophy of Nursing (graded)

As you considered the four central concepts of professional nursing from the lesson, you thought about how each of those is incorporated into your own philosophy of nursing. Select one of those four central concepts, and explain how it is exemplified in your own philosophy of professional nursing.


Integration of Evidence-Based Practice (graded)

Now that you are on your BSN journey, you are developing skills to search CINAHL for evidence, access articles, critically appraise the results, and translate the evidence into practice. As the BSN nurse who has these skills, explain in detail how you will implement evidence-based practice in the care of patients in your practice area. You may use an example of a nursing issue from your practice area if you like.

Differentiated Practice (graded)

Examine Table 1-4 in Hood. Provide an example of how earning your BSN will help you to practice nursing differently. How will the BSN enhance your practice? How will you practice differently?

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