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The Interrelationship Between Theory, Knowledge, and Research and Evidence-Based Practice

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The Interrelationship Between Theory, Knowledge, and Research and Evidence-Based Practice

(I) Fawcett and Garity’s literature works lay much emphasis on the knowledge that is exhibited by professionals in the health care sector. It encompasses the ability of nursing practitioners to fully understand the day to day challenges that are faced by patients. The evaluation based on the Fawcett and Garity’s literature work fully aligns with my perception of having nurses who are fully knowledgeable about patient demands. Away from the issues to deal with knowledge, theory, and evidence-based practice are also areas of significant concern (Fawcett & Garity, 2009). It is through the applied theories in nursing that the health care practitioners can understand avenues to produce the desired results ultimately. It is through evident patient satisfaction that the evidence-based practice (EBP) can be realized.

(II) There is a great interrelationship that exists between theory, knowledge, and evidence-based practice. For a nursing practitioner, knowledge about the practice is the backbone behind the success of the field. For instance, it is through knowledge that the professionals will understand how to handle the patients (Fawcett 2012). On the other hand, the theory of practice is the major guideline towards achieving the needed results in line with the evidence-based practice.

(III) In reference to the EBP assignment that I have undertaken, the interrelationship that exists between the core competencies of theory and knowledge have great impacts. The exhibited interrelationships are, therefore of great importance in achieving the set objectives in the field of nursing. Consequently, it is right to conclude that the interrelationship discussed has a positive impact on evidence-based practice outcome.


Fawcett, J., & Garity, J. (2009).Evaluating research for evidence-based nursing practice. FA Davis.

Fawcett, J. (2012). Thoughts about evidence-based nursing practice.Nursing science quarterly,25(2), 199-200.

Question from teacher about this discussion

What is a more current discussion than the Fawcett and Garity 2009 reference you note above?

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