Fundamental of nursing care is significant
July 9, 2019
Perspectives of Nursing
July 9, 2019

Theories and Conceptual Models

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Week 3: Nursing's Theories and Conceptual Models

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Explicate a selected nursing theory or conceptual model from this week’s lesson and assigned readings and explain how you already do or how you would apply the theory/conceptual model to your advanced nursing practice. Identify whether your chosen theory or model falls within the totality or simultaneity paradigm and explain why that view may be preferred in your practice understandings. Finally, explicate in four single statements, how that theory or model has guided and further developed your understanding of each metaparadigm concept. In other words, how does the theory direct your understanding of (a) person, (b) health, (c) environment and (d) nursing?

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Week 3: Use of Nursing Theory to Guide DNP Projects

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Conduct a literature search in one or more of the nursing databases on the potential topic or problem of interest to you for your eventual DNP Project. Select one article or paper and discuss how a particular nursing theory or model was used as a framework for the research study or DNP project. What insights has reading this article provided you in considering and firming up, supporting the problem statements that you have formatted in Weeks 1 and 2?

Hint: If searching the Proquest Dissertations and Theses database, use the search words: DNP (as author) and Nursing Theory (contained in abstract).

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