Define the principles of cultural safety and discuss the cultural considerations required when caring for an Aboriginal person
July 8, 2019
guidelines for nursing performance. “
July 8, 2019

Thinks critically and analyses nursing practice

Needed within 36hrs!

STANDARDS – 125 words each standard.

2 steps to address this:

1. A statement that provides your understanding of what the standard
means and how you can demonstrate meeting it.

2. Provide rationale for how you think you meet this standard.

Standard 1: Thinks critically and analyses nursing practice
Standard 2: Engages in therapeutic and professional relationships
Standard 3: Maintains the capability for practice
Standard 4: Comprehensively conducts assessments
Standard 5: Develops a plan for nursing practice
Standard 6: Provides safe, appropriate and responsive quality nursing practice
Standard 7: Evaluates outcomes to inform nursing practice

X Two Nursing Reflections – 300 words each reflection. (Gibbs Reflection Style)
This task requires you to reflect on two nursing incidents witnessed or experienced. This will obviously need to be fabricated and made up but could include racism, bullying and harassment, medication incident, personal observations. Feel free to be imaginative and use your free will 😊

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