How could or does the definition differ from its use in nursing and health care versus in other disciplines?
July 10, 2019
Develop a plan to implement evidence–based interventions. What steps would you take? What resources might you need?
July 10, 2019

Understanding Adult Nursing

PDR-235630 Understanding Adult Nursing Note: References should not be older than 10 years Assignment reference Title: UNDERSTANDING AND ADULT NURSING I ordered this project last april but this has been referred and received very low marks. Can you re-write it for me? I have attached my assignment and my friends’ assignment also so that you know the baseline you are working form. Please find the files you requested. Please I want you to work at it with all your heart because this is the only one chance I have left. Any questions please let me know. This is the feedback from my teacher. | Markers Overall Comments and Advice to Student (linked to marking criteria and grading decision): You have demonstrated very limited K& U of the nursing process, nursing models and nursing assessment. And you have not followed the guidelines for the assignment. You are confused as to what you were required to do in this assignment therefore your submission does not meet the required criteria to pass. Although you discuss holistic assessment you do not discuss how this is done using a model of care (like Roper, Roy or Orem’s models of care.) The assignment did not ask you to look at (p3) ‘factors that influence nursing assessment’. Your section on ‘holistic assessment for the patient’ is not inline with one of the model of care taught in UAN, nor is the next section. At no point in the assignment do you refer to your chosen case study – Omar, which was the main requirement of the assignment. I am confused by your statement ‘Holistic assessment has the benefits like; it reduces the cost and saves time, imitates the real world and requirement of skills by an industry and streamlining the procedure and optimization of evident opportunity.’ Surly the purpose of holistic assessment is to provide excellent patient care, not save money and time? Saving time and money may be a consequence of accurate patient care. I am struggling to understand how ‘the pepsi-cola associate memoir’ has any link to evidence based nursing. But please prove me wrong if you can! Development Points: In order to improve your work, in future assignments focus on the following: Your reference style is incorrect. Your ref list is incorrect. There is not enough literature/references in your work to support you. The guide is 10 refs per 1000 words, therefore you should have approx. 30 refs used. YOU MUST seek help from study skills. Your grammar is hard to understand at times, it detracts from what you are trying to say and sometimes alters the meaning completely and sometimes does not make sense (p1 nursing models 1st and 2nd paragraphs). Seek help from Study Skills. Put page numbers on your work. Do not use bullet points in your work unless approved in the assignment guidelines. Kindly follow below link; 11 pages, 20 APA references

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