What ethical concerns might a nurse face when a patient chooses palliative care over treatment?
July 24, 2019
Discuss ways that nursing informatics could be applied to all areas of professional nursing practice,
July 24, 2019

What is the CH Nurses role in this intervention?

Where is this intervention taking place?
Will it take place one time or multiple times?
How will you reach out to your target population?
How will you get your target population involved?
What is the CH Nurses role in this intervention?
Will you collaborate with anyone (e.g., physician’s office, church, local resources, etc.?)
Is anyone else involved besides yourself (C/PHN)?
If yes, are they paid or volunteers?
What level(s) of prevention is your intervention addressing (primary, secondary and/or tertiary prevention)?
Intervention Justification: Justify why the problem and your nursing interventions should be a priority.
Based on what you have found in the literature, discuss why these interventions are expected to be effective. Include summarized information from at least two professional scholarly sources related to your interventions (average of 2-3 slides).
Proposed Evaluation: Your presentation must include at least one proposed quantitative or qualitative evaluation method that you would use to determine whether your intervention is effective. It should include the method you would use along with desired outcomes. Outcome measurement is a crucial piece when implementing interventions. There is a helpful tool in Doc Sharing to assist you with understanding qualitative and quantitative methods of evaluation. (average of 2-3 slides)
Include discussion about the long-term and short-term impact on your community if the intervention is successful. Keep in mind your desired outcomes when analyzing the evaluation.
Summary: The summary should reiterate the main points of the presentation and conclude with what you are asking to be accomplished, e.g., “Based on ABC, it is imperative our community has XYZ. Thank you for your consideration.”
In addition to the slides described above, your presentation should include a title slide, and reference slide. Remember, you are presenting to your leadership team, so the slides should include the most important elements for them to know in short bullet pointed phrases. You may add additional comments in the notes section to clarify information for your instructor.
Application: Use Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

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