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July 11, 2019
Health care delivery and clinical systems
July 11, 2019

Which one of the following statements accurately represents the practice known as unbundling?

  Which one of the following statements accurately represents the practice known as unbundling?

   A. Combination codes are assigned separately in ICD-10-CM.   B. Codes that should be grouped into one code are broken into separate codes to maximize physician reimbursement.   C. ICD-10-PCS codes are broken into separate codes for congruent assignment.   D. Codes listed as separate procedures are assigned individually. 

5.   Placing a catheter into the aorta or directly into an artery or vein is called

   A. brachiocephalic manipulation.   B. third order placement.   C. selective catheter placement.   D. nonselective catheter placement. 

6.   What ICD-10-CM code would be assigned for a patient with acute tubule-interstitial nephritis?

   A. L50.0   B. Z02.6   C. N10   D. B96.2 

7.   The suffix -sis means

   A. inflammation.   B. drooping.   C. condition.   D. process. 

8.   The concept of meaningful use pertains to

   A. medical office protocol and document organization.   B. electronic health record implementation.   C. resource management in the inpatient setting.   D. categorization of patient information. 

9.   In what CPT code range is Surgical Pathology found?

   A. 88400–80499   B. 88000–80299   C. 88300–88309   D. 88515–88598 

10.   According to the CMS National Physician Fee Schedule, what is the conversion factor for basic life support mileage?

   A. $32.4726   B. $34.5741   C. $28.8457   D. $36.0666 

11.   A patient who was involved in a motor vehicle accident is taken to the hospital by ambulance and admitted to the hospital in critical care. The physician sees the patient for 74 minutes in critical care. The physician leaves to attend to other patients in the ICU and the NICU of the same hospital. Five hours later, the physician returns to the patient and continues to treat the patient in critical care for an additional 30 minutes. The patient spends a total of 104 minutes in critical care. What codes are assigned?

   A. 99291, 99292   B. 99292, 99293   C. 99291, 99291   D. 99292, 99292, 99293 

12.   The prefix endo- means

   A. beneath.   B. outside of.   C. adjacent to.   D. within. 

13.   What is the CPT code for a three-view x-ray of the mandible?

   A. 70200   B. 70100   C. 70150   D. 70240 

14.   Rules of evidence control the

   A. amount of evidence that may be admitted during a civil trial.   B. processes and procedures for question and answer sessions.   C. documents that can be considered during jury trial.   D. length of criminal court proceedings, but not civil court proceedings. 

15.   The ampulla, isthmus, interstitium, and fimbria are examples of

   A. implantation sites of ectopic pregnancy.   B. incision sites for pacemaker insertion.   C. membranes in the abdomen.   D. bones in the ankle. 

16.   Code J9165 is assigned for intravenous diethylstilbestrol diphosphate. According to the code description, what dosage was administered?

   A. 20 mg   B. 50 mg   C. Up to 0.5 mg   D. 250 mg 

17.   Members of the uniformed services, their families and survivors, and retired members and their families qualify for

   A. TRICARE.   B. OIG Recovery.   C. Medicare.   D. Medicaid. 

18.   A patient comes to the emergency room complaining of abdominal pain. She was previously diagnosed with type I diabetes. She also complains of watery eyes, congestion, pressure in the sinuses, and difficulty breathing. Her final diagnoses are right lower quadrant abdominal pain, type I diabetes, acute sinusitis, and asthma. What CPT and ICD-10-CM codes are assigned?

   A. 99222, R18.91, E16.9, J01.91, J45.919   B. 99221, R17.41, E17.9, J01.90, J45.909   C. 99221, R10.31, E10.9, J01.90, J45.909   D. 99223, R14.31, E15.9, J01.90, J45.929 

19.   Under HIPAA, health care facilities must

   A. follow up with patients who repeatedly miss scheduled appointments for mandatory services.   B. keep records of patients who refill prescriptions more than once within a three-month timeframe.   C. maintain a clean, safe working environment.   D. choose a privacy officer in accordance with HIPAA polic

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