) Describe your selected technology, including when it was first introduced into the health care industry.
July 19, 2018
•What assets does the community possess with regards to providing health care services during a crisis? 
July 19, 2018

Why  did the state change the case from medical malpractice to tort law?  Do  you agree with the state's decision? Why or why not? 

Alcoy  was 79 years old when she suffered a  stroke that left her physically helpless  and mentally damaged. She was  moved to a nursing home. Four days later, she  was brutally assaulted  sexually; the assailant was never identified. Alcoy  died several months  later. Her estate administrator sued the nursing home for  negligence  and assault. The nursing home responded that the case was governed  by  the state’s Medical Malpractice Act, and that Act controlled the extent  of  the nursing home’s liability. The district court held in favor of  the nursing  home; the administrator appealed. Virginia high court held  that the case is  governed by tort law and not by the state’s Medical  Malpractice Act (Alcoy v. Valley Nursing Homes,  2006).
Reference:  Alcoy v. Valley Nursing Homes, Inc., 272 S. E.2d 301 (Sup. Ct., Va.  2006). Analyze the  scenario and respond to the following questions:
  • Why  did the state change the case from medical malpractice to tort law?
  • Do  you agree with the state’s decision? Why or why not?
Compile your analysis  in a 3-to-5-page Word document.

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